How Social Media Can Helps A Recruiter to Hire A Candidate

Social media has made a great impact on every business on a day to day life. It really made an impact on employment & made the job easy for every recruiter & even candidate. The employment industry uses a social media channel for their benefits to hire a candidate & increase brand awareness. It has become a good source of fetching data & improve their business to the best.

Social Media channel & usage:

Use of social media has made changes in the process of recruiting a candidate. Those days are gone when  recruiter have to search for a candidate through sources like agents or make use of traditional marketing which cost a lot to them. This process was time-consuming & was costly.

But today social media has become a game changer for employment industry. As we know every business which uses social media, they create a page of the company for branding purpose. A company page may include an informative post and  blogs related to the company.

A recruiter can make use of social media channel like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Whatsapp to hire a right candidate. Most of the time recruiter makes use of social media channel like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp to hire a candidate by sharing the update.

Let’s discuss! One by one


As we all know, Linkedin is professional social media channel used by many professional people or by the organization. It is the best place for the recruiter to share job details for required position. They can use LinkedIn to post a job on it & share the same post to promote in LinkedIn groups. They can even use paid campaign to hire a right candidate.


Facebook is the best place for all business & most actively used social media channel among all. Therefore,  a recruiter can use the facebook to post a job either on the company’s page or they can even post job info in a job groups.


Twitter is a platform which has the most active user base. It can be used in multiple ways. A recruiter can use #Hashtag & create a hashtag. The #Hashtag helps to reach a large number of audience. The tweet also helps the recruiter to hire a candidate through Twitter.


Whatsapp is the next channel that can be used to find the candidate for a suitable post. A recruiter can make use of Whatsapp to post a job & get a candidate with little ease. By posting, the job details in job groups may lead to sending information to the people who are active in that groups. This helps them to reach an audience that they are looking for. The best they can make use of Whatsapp is to share job details location wise.

In the conclusion, Social media channels have eased the job of a recruiter and it has become humongous day by day.

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